Sexual Harassment

California Sexual Harassment Attorney

Whether you’ve been a victim of sexual harassment violations in the past, are currently suffering from them at the moment or have been fired for complaining about being a victim of sexual harassment, you need to take legal action to get the matter resolved. The Law Office of Andy Van Le & Associates, PC has helped hundreds of clients with their sexual harassment cases here in San Diego and surrounding areas. We are here to help you when you’re ready to stand up for your rights and those of your colleagues who may be victims as well.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

There’s nothing funny about sexual harassment. It may seem innocent at first, like jokes teenagers may play; but it deprives the victim of equality and dignity, and affects them personally as well as their ability to be successful team members in the workplace. It’s a form of discrimination based on gender, and contrary to popular belief, doesn’t always happen to women by their male counterparts. Sexual harassment may be sexual requests from senior employees or the boss, inappropriate behavior by a colleague or tied to the victims benefits or job. It’s forbidden by law and there are many laws in place that protect the victim and give them rights and lay out the consequences for the person initiating the harassment.

What Can Employees Do If They’ve Been Sexually Harassed At Work?

You may feel powerless, which is what the perpetrator wants, but you do have rights. There are civil rights acts as well as state laws in place to protect you so you can make your voice heard and take action so that this is stopped. As an experienced attorney, Mr. Van Le will help you create a plan of action that gets the results you desire while protecting your job, if you’re still working at the company and want to remain there. If the harassment is still occurring, keeping a log of the incidents will help prove your claim in court. Sexual harassment isn’t usually a one-time event. It’s ongoing and happens over a long period of time, usually starting out with a seemingly innocent action.

Work With  Andy Van Le & Associates, PC

We work with sexual harassment victims locally in San Diego but are also able to represent them nation wide. Now that you’re ready to take a stand against the person that’s harassing you, contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your case.


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